4 05 2012

Worth highlighting this blog about our much-loved Young Archaeologists’ Club and the need to support in any we all can. Dig deep for YAC!

The Heritage Journal

Most people know about the Scouts and the Guides organisations, but did you know there’s another organisation that provides activities for youths up to seventeen years old, and is available nationally? Ok, it may not be quite as local as the two aforementioned, but the Young Archaeologists Club (YAC) has some 70 branches around the country which provide hands-on weekend activities for children and young adults who are interested in all facets of archaeology.

The club is run by the Council for British Archaeology. YAC’s vision is for all young people to have opportunities to be inspired and excited by archaeology, and to empower them to help shape its future. YAC was started in 1972 by Dr Kate Pretty, and celebrates its’ 40th anniversary this coming August. Its’ name back then was Young Rescue and it was the junior branch of RESCUE, the British Archaeological Trust. Initially it…

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