First Time Blogger

12 04 2012
“So here’s a new challenge” I tell myself – “let’s have a go at blogging”.  I suppose I’ve imagined that this kind of thing should come naturally to me; I generally have plenty to say for myself, spend far too much time on-line and enjoy a hefty serving of social media.  I mostly have a reasonable grasp of basic English and use the written word in a variety of forms through my work as an indoor archaeologist (ie. one that sits chained to a desk all day, rather than getting out in the field as often as she would like).  Must confess to a certain amount of trepidation though, when it comes to sharing my, often odd, thought processes with the digital world at large.
That being so, I would ask that if anyone does ever read my witterings, please be gentle with me, and in exchange I hope that I may occasionally share something of genuine interest.  I am likely to report on new or recent discoveries, community-based projects, my new focus on the use of social media in archaeological education and possibly probably the odd bit of random nonsense.
I’ve posted a nice blank archaeological canvas for you to enjoy; a site in the middle of Worcester that I will be reporting on shortly – a bit of a wilderness, not unlike my brain this evening.  Trenches laid out in readiness….



2 responses

13 04 2012
John Stafford

Looks good so far. Keep up the good work!

13 04 2012

Thanks John – will do my best!

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